Troubleshooting LORA

  1. Your pin has been set to the first 2 letters of your first name and the last 4 digits of your social security number. Upon your initial signon you will be required to change your PIN to a 6 character PIN known only to you. If you have forgotten your pin, click on the I forgot my PIN link and answer your PIN question. If you have forgotten the answer to your PIN question, contact Kathy Gros at pin.
  2. Earlier browsers are known to have display problems with LORA. Click here for a list of supported browsers. You may contact the Help Desk to schedule an upgrade if needed.
  3. Do not "double-click" on any page in Lora.
  4. Verify that the cookies are enabled on your browser (instructions from Google).
  5. Clear the cache (instructions from Google).
  6. Do not bookmark any pages in your Lora Session. To begin a new Lora session enter the Lora URL ( or use the Lora link in the gray bar at the top of the page.
  7. AOL Users: Use AOL to access the internet, but switch to Internet Explorer to access LORA. This seems to work for most.
  8. If you have forgotten your pin, click on the link on the sign-on screen. Your pin will be reset to your original pin. You will be notified to sign on again and change that pin to another self-assigned pin. This pin must be 6 characters (alpha-numeric).
  9. If you continue to have technical problems, please contact (504) 865-3237 or e-mail Please be sure to list the error message you are receiving, the browser you are using and the time of day you received this message.
  10. Instructions for LORA are available.